Tij Bedi

"A good technology leader just doesn't know what technology to use, they know when to use and NOT use technology"

CIO & Entrepreneur - Leading Digital Transformation with Lean Product Development, Thought Leadership, Agile Methodologies, AI

A Technology & Product Leader helping Organizations of all sizes, industries and dimensions with
Utilizing and implementing state of the art technical solutionsUnderstanding & connecting with your customers in a deeper wayEvolving products faster with increased efficiency. Energizing or Re-energizing your workforce.Managing and scaling product and technology development teams.Embracing disruption & recognizing next level of opportunities.Via Principles of Digital Transformation, Thought Leadership, Habit Transformation, Agile Methodologies and Data Driven Decision Making.

Specialties: Digital Transformation, AI, ML, Data Science, eCommerce, Enterprise Software Development, Product Design, Product Development, Digital Media, Digital Marketing, Mobile Applications, IOS Native, Android, ERP, Business Intelligence, CRM, Open Source Technologies, Leadership, Technology Coaching, Outsourcing, Startups, Workflow Management, Managing Budgets, P&L.